Coaching for MidLife Lawyers

Midlife Attorneys

You’ve been in this field a long time – and you’re probably feeling the effects.  Maybe you enjoy the work but are burned out.  Maybe you have always hated the work and don’t know how to tolerate another day.  Maybe you lay awake at night wondering what you could do instead.

You aren’t alone.  This is the kind of stress that most lawyers face.  Whether you run your own firm, are partner in a big firm, or are in house at a large company or a non-profit organization, there are intense stresses at midlife.  Usually, you’ve had enough time to be settled into the work itself, but that also gives you more time to realize the stress of the daily reality.  At mid-life, mid-career, most people are already starting to think about how much longer they need to work before retirement.  If you simply tolerate the day, then it’s time to do something about it now.

It may seem like the stresses of law are built in and can’t be changed, but the effect of the inherent stressors can be changed.  Even though the situation can’t necessarily be controlled, you can be much happier within it – or you can figure out the best ways to make changes.

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • Why did I go into law in the first place?  What was I thinking?
  • How am I going to stick it out for another 20 years?
  • Can’t I just turn off my mind for a little while so I can rest?
  • Why can’t my spouse understand what I’m dealing with?

If you do, you aren’t alone!  Many other lawyers face the same doubts and questions.  You can be happier with your life and your career.  Email me today.  Let’s set up time to talk and see if I might be able to help.