Coaching for Women Lawyers

Women Lawyers

Most women attorneys feel full to the brim every day.  Their coffee cup is full just past the brim and if someone adds even one more drop the surface tension will be overwhelmed and everything will spill out.  They balance everything that is handed to them, day after day.   The demands from clients, colleagues, partners, and staff are compounded by the needs of children, aging parents, family members we care for.  Then we add to that the needs of our spouses and partners.  Maybe there’s a little time left for friends.  But there’s rarely any time left for ourselves.

Whether it should be this way or not, most women feel the expectation to not only be a successful, highly effective attorney, but to be that successful, highly effective lawyer while responding to and balancing everyone else’s needs and desires.  We want it all to be smooth and calm, but that feels unrealistic, if not impossible.

It may seem like every single demand is immutable, but things can get better.  Even without changing the number of ways you’re being pulled, you can develop a different approach and feeling toward the situations you face.

Do you ever ask yourself:

  • How in the world will I make it through this day?
  • How could I have forgotten that kid’s activity?
  • Can’t I get in bed before midnight?
  • Won’t someone slow down the world so that I can catch up?
  • Is there any chance I will get an hour to myself this year?

If you do, you aren’t alone!  Many other women lawyers face the same doubts and questions.  You can be happier with your life and your career.  Email me today.  Let’s set up time to talk and see if I might be able to help.