Deep, Deep Life Coaching

Deep, deep life coaching.

That’s the best description I have for what I do.

It’s not a surface-treatment of your values and goals like much of life coaching.  It’s not pathology focused like traditional therapy.  And it’s not focused on results in the same way as solution-oriented therapy.

It’s just deep, deep life coaching.

So what is it?

It varies depending on what you want.  But overall:

We look at

  • who you are,
  • what you want,
  • what holds you back,
  • what moves you forward,
  • when you’re at your best, and

We use all that information to craft a way to get past anything that stands in your way.

Some of my clients struggle with their job and would like to change firms or get out of law altogether.  Some of my clients enjoy being a lawyer but can’t sleep for the stress of it.

You ever feel like you want someone to talk to, but you don’t want to go to therapy?  Maybe you’ve been to therapy before.  Maybe you haven’t.  You know that you could talk to a therapist about these issues, but it really doesn’t seem like that big a deal.  You just want to have someone to listen, understand, and help you sort out the situation.  You want a partner who will help you be your best – someone who can appreciate the stresses of your life, who will nudge you forward, propelling you to be your best self.

If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone.  Many lawyers experience the same thing.  They know that they are fully capable of handling the stresses in their lives.  They just know it could be easier.  They aren’t really sure what to do to make things different, but they know it could be easier.  And they’re right.  You’re right.

Your career is, at the heart of it, incredibly challenging.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to bear the stresses in the way that you are.  You know the situations you face.  You know whether you’re losing money on basic things because you’re just stuck.  Maybe it takes an hour to do a task that should only take five minutes.  Maybe it takes a couple of hours to gear up and into work mode.  Or maybe you can’t turn it off at the end of the day.

Perhaps you are super-productive at work but can’t focus on the people you love or enjoy time to yourself.  Maybe you would rather stay late and work because the pressures at home are worse than the pressures at the office.

If any of this sounds like you, I encourage you to email or call me.  Everyone has stress, but not everyone decides to minimize it.  You can cope just fine, without changing a thing.  But if things were a little better would you be happier?  If you wouldn’t mind being a little happier, a little less stressed, call or email me.  I would be honored to see if I could be of help.