I.R.A.C. Your Career

Lawyers frequently present with a wide variety of issues stemming from an underlying sense of dissatisfaction. They want their lives and careers to be better, but lack the tools to make improvements.

IRAC Your Career is a process of examining lawyer’s careers to find the hidden, underlying issues that cause the problems that lawyers know they have. We know that certain issues hold us back, but the true causes are usually hidden. This process uncovers the hidden, underlying issues and perpetuating patterns.

Issue – The Issue is the background of your life and career. This part of the IRAC Your Career process obtains information about the pattern of your career satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Rule – Career-related happiness and satisfaction–or its absence–is a function of the interplay of numerous Career Factors.  This part of the IRAC Your Career process filters the information collected through the Career Factors and their underlying theories.

Analysis – In this part of the process, the problems presented are first analyzed to find hidden, underlying issues that unconsciously cause and perpetuate known problems. Next, the various Career Factors are developed, analyzed, and integrated to create a plan that address all of the issues to achieve greatly increased happiness and satisfaction.

Conclusion – Walk away with a written Analysis and Proposal that sets forth concrete steps personally designed to lead you to your goals.

Nearly every lawyer struggles.  The struggles vary, of course.  On the surface the problems look like marketing problems or wondering whether you made the right decision in the first place.  But underneath all of the specifics lies the root.  The challenge is to get to the real problem.  Most often the root of the problem has little to do with the surface and much more to do with how we think about the world and ourselves.

Lawyers are trained to solve problems.  It’s how they spend their entire workday.  So when lawyers notice the stress and strain in their own lives, they usually feel like they should be able to solve it – on their own.  It just doesn’t work that way.

The Law: Enjoy It Again or Get Out

Is this you?

  • Burned out?
  • Bored? 
  • Experiencing family strain?
  • Struggling wth big firm politics? 
  • Distressed over job security?
  • Overworked? 
  • On the partnership treadmill?  
  • Sleeping on your couch?
  • Not sleeping at all?
  • Living in a fishbowl?
  • Trying to kill the pain and frustration?      

Don’t despair.  There is hope.  These are the problems I help people solve.  You can tame the jealous mistress who is running your life.

My approach to career consulting and coaching draws on 11 years as a licensed psychologist providing therapy and 10 years as a career coach and consultant.

Career issues are different for lawyers.

The factors that make you exceptional in your work, perfectionism and pessimism, are the very factors that sometimes make life intolerable.

The process of discovery.  

Allow me to guide you through the process of discovery that will uncover the right path for you to deal with your particular questions.  I will help you find a solution that fits you.

The challenges you face probably are probably a mix of questions about your career, your life, and your business and the interplay between them.

Too often people think that the answer to a job problem is to make a complete change – either to a different career, different firm, or different type of legal work.  At times the answer is a change like that, but much more often, there are internal changes that resolve the problems.

Many people search for a career counselor to take a test and get an answer about next steps.  That’s completely inadequate for a lawyer’s real needs.  The outcome of good career coaching is not a job title.  The outcome of good career coaching is greater self-understanding and increased self-confidence.  When you understand who you are at the core and feel as self-confident as you’ve always projected, then you making those next steps is a natural process.

You need a solution, not an oversimplified answer.  The solutions are based on a deep understanding of who are, what challenges you face, and who you want to be.

If you hate what the practice of law has done to your life, come see me.  As you gain insight into yourself and repeating fact patterns, you will understand the underlying problems that lead to your career dissatisfaction.

Alleviate the underlying problems, and create more satisfaction in both your personal and professional life.

You aren’t alone in hating life as a lawyer,

and you won’t be alone in getting out of it.